Ship(s) Pollute As Much As

A great number of websites have used and are still using the analogy between ships and cars when it comes to the topic of maritime industry’s pollution. Headlines such as : "World’s 15 Biggest Ships Create More Pollution Than All The Cars In The World" are popping up across the internet. This observation is the perfect example to illustrate the issue of boilerplate effect and the rise of fake news in digital press release. In this multiplication of articles, published by many newspapers around the world, in as many different languages it is hard, even barely possible to find the sources and origins of this calculation. This online platform is made for gathering the articles all together to allow a simplified entrance into the amount of data. The website offers three different types of visualization/navigation in order to materialize the links inside this mass of articles and the progressive alteration of information.

Comparison context

Level and connexion

Article information

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